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A Question Of Colour And Character!

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across a particular YouTube video by Teal Swan. Teal Swan, for those who have not yet heard of her, is a controversial and harsh realist spiritual guru who is, nonetheless, most often right in her teachings.

However this particular video, despite being psychological in nature, was, by her standards, a light and interesting exercise that any person would easily benefit from trying out, spiritual or not.

Basically, as you can see should you click on the video, which I have added below, it asks the viewer (or as per her suggestion the other person that the viewer might be conversing with) to answer three very simple questions but in a deeper way.

The first question is one we have often heard. “What is your favourite colour?” The difference here is that she then asks to list three deep reasons why. She later in the video reveals that the answers given will correspond to what the person thinks about themselves.

Upon hearing this, I remembered an article I wrote a few years ago on my old blog. Without knowing of this connection between colour preference and character, I had, at the time, commented on how time and life experiences had worked to change me so much that I even changed my favourite colour. I then went on to say the why I think this happened and what each of the two colours represented to me.

So rather than posting something new, today I am actually going back in time to retrieve that article for my readers (and maybe even for my own sake). So here is why my favourite blue ultimately turned into a purple hue:

“I used to love the colour blue. I actually once wrote a blog post about the colour blue. I even had a guest article on ivillage.co.uk about coloured walls and distinctly mentioned blue walls.

So it was a wonder even to myself when I first started to like also the colour of red wine and burgundy some years ago. Still, I insisted I loved blue primarily and would hesitate whenever someone asked me what colour I was buying something, unable to decide most of the time between the two types of colour.

Then my son was born and I was shopping around for a dress for his Baptism Ceremony. I looked around the clothes shops for a non-existent dream dress that would not only hide my post-baby tummy but also make me look like a princess, as is always my target when choosing formalwear (I guess I still have a bit of the little girl in me!). I browsed through endless selections and tried on multiple choices, all of them 'iffy' dresses that did not have me convinced. Then in one shop, when I was all ready to postpone what seemed like an impossible task to a future date, a salesgirl finally pulled out a stunning purple dress that I knew was 'It' even before I'd tried it on. The dress fit like a dream, the colour complimented my skin, hair colour and eyes and I left the shop as a very happy young mother who was wearing no boring suit to her son's Christening. And so my love affair with purple began.

I wore that dress so many times and it always made me feel confident. Partly it was the colour, that rich and deep hue that alternately reminds me of passion and young princesses, a contradictory colour that looks naive and experienced all at one go. Soon it was not just the dress that I owned in some shade of purple, but also makeup, an iPad cover, more clothing, jewellery, the storage containers in my wardrobe, my stationery, even my car! I eventually dyed my hair purple a couple of times and started buying the purple version of the 'She' deodorant range which curiously enough is that one spray smell I love and want to wear.

As I have probably mentioned before, colour is to me a very important part of life. Well, that is evident even in my blog's name! So for years I tried to understand how the love of blue that had accompanied me since early childhood could so suddenly disappear and give way to its darker cousin, which ironically is the very mixture of blue and the deep wine red that I mentioned earlier. It seems to me nowadays that the colour I so love, in all its different gradients and hues, is the colour that I would attribute to a person's soul. Blue is cold, unnervingly so, but purple has borrowed enough of the warm colours to lend its velvety look to unearthly deeds it seems.

As a result, it is only lately that I have perceived just why my colour changed. It is because I have changed. The blue was a primary colour, devoid of experience, untainted and unexplored. It was the colour that obeys and is unchanging, a colour to trust for its calming effect. Once I became a mother, it was like my very soul had changed, and later still the changes came, piling up, making me who I am, both in terms of family life as well as shaping my very being. In fact maybe that is why I only lately felt that my transition from a Blue-lover to Purple-lover became acceptable and complete a couple months ago. It has to do with finding oneself and oneself after all can always change again. I am the first to admit that I am ever-changing and suffer from itchy feet, crave constant change and am always up for a new challenge. Then again, maybe the colour purple is itself like that in character, and might accompany me as a wilful companion through my life.”


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