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A Poem To The Public

As some of you already know, I am a poet as well as a writer. I don't usually share my poetry on here, or anywhere else online really. My book 'Amazonite', which is available in print as of last year and which you can order from this site, contains some of my older poetry and prose poetry in the form of a journey, whilst some of the poems that didn't make it into the book as well as those written after I started the editing of it, will be available eventually in my new upcoming book. However, an incident that happened to me a few days ago prompted me to write a poem that should not be confined solely to a book and rather is meant to be out there for all to think about. So here is probably the first ever poem (a still untitled one!) that I will share on an online platform.

14th March 2021

I rise again to face my fears,

Not of death or illness

But of petty peers;

Of humans so blinkered

And spiteful to all,

Humans controlling,

Set on our fall.

My mission was

To bring the peace,

To smoothen ties between

Ourselves and these

Humans savage with ill-intent

Born out of fear from those who meant

To keep the power, take the freedom

Leave us with no choice or season

In which to live as nature intended

Sharing and caring and in good health

Instead they are injecting

Poison all ways -

Into the heart and into the mind,

Even in the body with needles that hide

The true intent behind this farce,

Behind the lies that surface fast

Changing and kindling more fire of hate

Of rage and of fury towards us their mates

For what most of humanity is failing to see

Is we were meant to be brothers

And sisters all free.

Copyright 2021 Gisele Schembri

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay


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