• Gisèle Schembri

A New Addition

It’s Friday 21st May, the year 2021 and I have just brought home yet another little darling!

I always knew I wanted a pet once I was finally settled into a home rather than jumping from one shared rental to another. However I didn’t bargain on falling in love with them in this way!!

I got my first cat - Atleha - in August 2019, thinking that a pet would make a house more of a home. However I had no idea to what extent! Atleha’s beautiful cat energy, as well as her fur, took over our home and she was the one who snuggled up to me on days when I was feeling low. She helped me get through rough patches in life, even break-ups, proving to be my most loyal and consistent friend. You may read more about my first cat in this post: Atleha

I had originally wanted a black cat when Atleha, mostly white, came home with me. Less than a year later, still thinking black cats are fascinating, I nevertheless decided on getting the ‘cat meant for me’ rather than a black, given my success in bonding with Atleha. I wanted the new cat so that she would have company when I am away from home for hours at a time. I was pleasantly surprised when it turned out that it was little black Sam who adopted me next! You may read about that on here: Sam

But enough about my gorgeous black and white ones, today the focus in on sweet tortoiseshell Tessa!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the latest kitty to steal my heart! She is a feisty girl who is sure to keep Sam on his toes and hopefully also be a female companion for Atleha, who sometimes has enough of Sam’s shenanigans and just wants to chill. I first met Tessa up close a week ago and she proved to be big on cuddling and snoozing as well as jumping about and playing. So she’ll be a good friend to both my other babies.

Why Tessa? The name has long been one of my faves but truly, since I had thought I would get a male cat, I had decided on the name of the actor who plays Hardin Scott in the After series. So when my Tortie came along and it turned out to be a she, I went for the name of the female main character in the same series. Doesn't hurt that any time I say her name I remember Hero Fiennes Tiffin calling out to Tessa in that accent!!


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