• Gisèle Schembri

A Last One

I have decided to bid a bitter-sweet goodbye to Vintage Hues.

I have been blogging since the day I 'discovered' that it is possible, with a few clicks and no no-how, to create a blog on Blogspot. This was, I believe, over a decade ago.

I decided to make it professional in 2014, after a workmate and friend laughed at me when I said I was an author. I guess I wanted to prove him wrong.

Within months, it served as a portfolio to land me two freelance jobs - an ongoing column on what used to be eve.com.mt and even an offer from the then editor of ‘The Circle’ to start pitching articles for what was likely at the time ‘the’ magazine with the biggest print run on the island.

I have since, apart from four and a half years of article-writing on EVE, published a paperback called Amazonite, which was an experimental kind of semi-fiction, as well as the now discontinued non-fiction spiritual ebook The Journey of The Twin Flames. My new book, which serves as both a sequel to Amazonite as well as a stand-alone paperback, is titled Shadows and will be out in 2022. Even after the ending of Shadows, I have decided to work also on the third and final instalment of the story of the protagonist. However this third book will be written in prose.

I might be bidding addio to blogging, but I will work on compiling an ebook with the ‘Best of’ from my blogs. My dream was, after all, always to publish books that readers can take home (or download nowadays).

This project will take me some time, since there is always a difference in how to present an article on paper as compared to a blog, where essentially the author is talking directly to the reader on informal terms and with links and suggestions to other online material strewn throughout.

However I do hope that such a project will, having already a solid base of ideas written down, take less than the two years or so it takes me to write, compile and publish my fifty-page paperbacks.

Deciding whether to publish in paperback format else a simple ebook will be a tricky thing to do and I am hoping the right format will be clearer once I have all my writings compiled and in their final draft.

Meanwhile I want to use this space to finish off my announcement with something that I always preach: Gratitude. This blog would not have been possible without the help of an invaluable friend who is the sole reason I managed to move on to better from my previous amateur attempts at a website. In addition to his expertise in the coding and design of it, his presence served to make me feel I need to be accountable, which is something I find hard to do when I am not given a push.

I would also like to thank the guest writers I have had the luck to work with over these past years, as well as the people who let me interview them about a myriad of different topics, not just on this blog but also my previous ones. This in addition to the artists and entrepreneur who lent me their time for interviews that would go on to feature in magazines both online and in paper circulation.

I want to thank my old sponsors - Agenda Bookshop and Eau Thermale Avène Malta - for trusting me with reviewing their products on EVE and on the blog.

And going way back to 2011, I thank the now dismantled online platform that used to be called ‘IVillage’, a subsidiary of the NBC, which is the very first place where I got a chance to publish my articles for a wider audience than my simple blog. Also special thanks to one of my besties from back then, who had proofed and edited those very first articles for me, which I wrote whilst facing sleepless nights, an emotionally and mentally draining job and a hectic toddler.

In wrapping up this long journey of writing online, I hope my readers follow me to newer heights: more publications that can explore way better than a weekly short blog update, the various topics that I keep close to heart.


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