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A Job I Love

As I advised in my last post, my blog will from now on be updated where possible rather than to a fixed schedule as was previously the case.

In addition to all the reasons I mentioned in that post (which you may read here: About The Writing), there is also the added fact that I am now also in employment again. This is a fact that has changed my previous lifestyle in many ways but thankfully some of them very positive.

I still catch myself having a look when job adverts pop up on Facebook, not because I am interested in changing my current job but rather out of habit. Which made me realise that it has been years that I have been looking for this particular job!

When I changed my job in 2008, which now seems like a lifetime ago and an event that happened to a totally different version of me and under extremely different circumstances and type of life, I regretted it immediately. And when I say immediately, I mean just that!

So I have been either dreaming of changing my job or actually looking for one since March 2008. Yep, thirteen years of feeling mostly like it is time to move on. The only issue was, I knew exactly what I wanted, but what we want and what we are aligned to are not always the same thing.

In early 2019, having worked a lot on myself and my growth as a person, I finally got to the point of practicing what I had always believed. That if something was toxic, then we should let it go asap, rather than wait for a solution to come along. I finally figured out that toxicity will not allow us to breathe and create the life we want and that the best way forward, even if the more tricky one of letting go without a backup plan, is to just let it go. So in the end, I tended in my resignation to find my peace.

I tried a stint as a part-time salesgirl which I could not realistically keep up due to the erratic schedule that messed with my being a mum and I later even worked as a real estate agent in a company that expected employees to literally live to work (and with a job training manager who would never stop proudly advising how work took precedence over anything else in her life).

In the end, I hit the jackpot with my current position.

The one thing I never did was to give up on the idea that a job with the specifications I was after MUST exist. You must think that being in miserable jobs or towards the end, even without employment, is a tough price to pay for thirteen years. However as those of you who are returning readers know, I believe in Energy and you will only ever get back what you put out, without fail. So all the times I doubted, all the times I stopped believing that my perfect job does exist, all the times I listened to other people tell me that what I was asking to find was impossible, even all the months that I refused to even look for employment for fear of ending up in another toxic environment, were all setbacks that could have been avoided had I known how manifesting works.

“What worked in the end?” you might be asking.

It was a very simple belief. A belief that I was worth the hourly rate I wanted, that I was up to the job I desired to have (however many interviewers looked at me doubtfully for having finished my schooling now eighteen years back) and for how I could both find AND live off a job that required me to work way less than your typical forty hour week.

The thirteen years were not wasted, either. They gave me a chance to earn raises on the job and more experience that would serve me well; they made me meet some new people who turned out to be catalysts to helping me figure out some major changes in my life; gave me a chance even to get my driver’s license and buy a car, in order to be able to make the commute to my new job which is way far by bus.

Things always happen in their right divine time. You cannot hurry perfection after all, but only sculpt it slowly till your most absolute best design emerges in the end.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


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