• Gisèle Schembri

A Guest Post About Covid-19 In Malta

Ashley Zammit posted this on Facebook and I thought it was brilliant. So I asked her permission to share it on here. Thank you Ashley for making people think. All the below is with reference to what is happening in the country of Malta. The situation might be different in other countries.

"I think I'm really dumb or I'm missing something but if.....

- The masks are worn to avoid droplets then why would the swab need to be dug in mamma's long lost hole?

- If at 11pm bars etc are to be closed then does that mean that if you gather at 7pm you are safe from the virus? (We can start scaring the kids to bed by covid instead of the boogie man!)

- If you are with your partner in the same car you would need to wear the mask unless you live together, so does that mean that not even kissing is allowed to be done before marriage?

- If i get robbed and/or beaten and/or raped how will i identify the aggressor nowadays? (I guess by the smell, hmm slightly sweaty smell with a hint of floral musk)

- If we are to accept everyones difference, being black, white, yellow, gay, straight, trans, Catholic, muslim, mammal or gorilla, why cant we accept and respect different views about this issue?

- If a few months ago one had to make contact with an infected person for a minimum of 15min to get infected how come now walking in the street one needs to wear a mask all the time because you pass passers by?

- If i go trekking / to the beach / diving / or picnic in the nature, does one need to wear the mask as well? I thought clear fresh air was benefical to ones bodies!

- If during lockdown period (march/april) one went to shop without a mask and cases kept low how come now that in every shop one needs to wear a mask cases got higher?

If one is allergic to gluten/lactose/peanuts/ fish does that mean that EVERY person in the world effects him/her the same? Same reasoning with all illnesses and viruses, true fact- my son got a gastic and ended up 36hrs on the drip hanging between life and death while i was staying with him for a whole week and had only an upset stomach- same virus but since we are different humans with different antibodies and different immune system it effects us different! Same with this virus and same with anyyyyyy other virus and illnesses.

So if one can please enlighten me to some facts- actually facts - i appreciate cause really i understand to stay cautious next to a pregnant woman, a new born baby, a sick person or an elder, thats something which should always be done not just now cause of a virus, but this seems to be taken a bit wayy to far...

And lastly if we are to keep track of this virus, can we as citizens have the right to know all the gastic cases, influenza, chicken pox, measles and cancer statistics (those who get infected, if they get contact with someone, and if any end up in hospital and deaths recorded daily as well) cause hey these are illnesses as well and people have the right to be informed with EVERYTHING that goes around...

Thank you for your attention! Hope everyone is under the covers as Kornuto virus is out and running since the clock has struck! Oh wait sorry it also gave us a couple of days was a preadvise before regulations become mandatory so one can enjoy and taste the last few days/hours/minutes of freedom!"


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