• Gisèle Schembri

A Government Turned Cult Leader

Here I am, up at night again. It’s funny that I get so much energy and will-power during these hours.

Many article ideas are whirling round in my head and yet I cannot seem to settle on one to present to my readers this week. Current events have made everything else seem trivial, in light of living in a country (Malta) where not only are our rights being not-so-slowly stripped away but also being subjected to hate from fellow Maltese people, based on the fact that the now vaccinated majority feel entitled to discriminate against us.

Maybe that is precisely the topic I should be handling today.

I am no doctor, but I am not a fool either. And unlike most doctors, I don’t base what I do say on whether it wins me credit and money. It seems that with the exception of a few, the doctors in Malta have been totally compromised about the subject of covid and the mass vaccination with an unapproved experimental drug still in clinical trials till the year 2023. A doctor I have been trusting with my health since 2005 has now proved his loyalties lie elsewhere and not with his patients, when he tried to take back a medical certificate he had just issued me for a valid reason, simply because he found out I am NOT vaccinated against covid.

Yes, I say that with my head held high. And no one will take it away from me. I do not give in to bullying or blackmail. The government has made it next to impossible for me to ever take a holiday out of the country, with the new rule about being required to quarantine for two weeks at a hotel of the government’s choice and against a standard fee of EUR1,400 per person, any time I return to the island that is my God-given home, simply for choosing NOT to take an experimental vaccine which is anyway ineffective at keeping covid at bay.

In addition to the lifestyle changes imposed by the government on the non-vaxxed in a bid to change their mind (fat chance changing the mind of the remaining 20%), there are also changes that have come about due to ignorance and political single-mindedness too.

There are three types of people in Malta currently. There are those who fear covid like the plague, those who will believe anything their political party says even about health-related matters, and those who are simply in search of freedom and peace.

Unfortunately, the first two types of people have joined forces with the government in imposing their illogical ‘safety’ standards and ideas on those who they regard as the enemy, aka the non-vaccinated.

My now ex hairdresser refused my medical exemption and made me wear a mask for each appointment. She wouldn’t even hear of me wearing a visor, which is slightly less harmful to my health. In the end, unable to comply any more to her covid paranoia, I started looking around for a new salon.

The first salon suggested to me turned out to belong to someone so in fear of the virus that she was shocked at the mere suggestion that I turn up with a valid and legal medical exemption form rather than a mask. Needless to say, I said to not bother giving me an appointment.

Another open-minded friend of mine then suggested a salon in Fgura which she said belonged to someone who ‘seemed understanding’. So I made an enquiry. Not only was said hairdresser sceptical of my exemption and requiring to know my medical reasons (which are none of her business but I regrettably explained), she went on to ask whether I am vaccinated and concluded that since I am not, she would have to give me an appointment when her salon ‘was empty’. When I pointed out she was both breaching my fundamental rights with her probing into my medical records and that she is being discriminating, she made up an excuse that the police might turn up for an inspection. I advised her that I know enough about rules and regulations to know that it is a lie and they would never demand my isolation or to ask for my vaccination certificate if I have a valid exemption.

Needless to say, I did not book an appointment at hers either. Rather, her attitude prompted me to open a Facebook group where my friends and I (all of us unvaxxed) can compare notes about who is being hostile and who is accepting our custom. Just like I point out horrible mishaps like this one, I also do post positive experiences, regardless of whether the business belongs to one of the 20% else someone who is vaccinated. How would I know they are, you might ask. It is very simple. People seem to be wearing their vaccine as a badge of honour, little knowing that it will do shit all (excuse my language) in protecting them against covid, with its ever-changing variants, whether they interact with those not vaccinated or no.

On a good note, I did eventually find an understanding hairdresser who bluntly explained that as long as I did have a valid mask exemption and she would not get fined EUR3,000 for letting me in, then I was welcome into her shop.

If finding a hair salon that does not discriminate was tough, then I will tell you that tougher still is working for a humane employer at this point. The government is outright pushing businesses to make their employees take the unapproved vaccine. I have seen an office memo by a local established bank, advising all employees to show their vaccination certificates else have to submit themselves to a weekly swab test (and NOT the rapid kind), likely from their own pockets. The memo also claims that should swab appointments happen during work hours, the employee would also have those hours deducted from their vacation leave.

If this bank’s stance is not discriminatory enough, I have met with another fellow Maltese person who said his workplace is not giving any options and asking for forced vaccination. Another entrepreneur outright stated on Facebook that he will never employ an unvaccinated person. When I said I would like to know what company it is to keep away, he said he has no use for me using his services either given that I am unvaccinated. I wonder how an event organiser is going to keep his job should he be going round asking any and all present at private functions about their vaccination status.

All these instances are apart from my personal experience with a workplace with such rigid work policies around the topic of covid, that I had to leave my employment when a facial infection (likely from the forced use of the visor) prevented me from wearing the piece of plastic over my inflamed burning skin. Despite that I presented one of the directors of the company with a valid exemption, she outright said she couldn’t care less and my infection was ‘no biggie’ and therefore made me wear the visor anyway, which I couldn’t due to having tender infected skin.

It’s been a long rant but also a necessary one I think. Considering that the vaccinated can still catch covid, spread covid, and even die of covid, I cannot see why they are being allowed in and out of the country without swabbing whilst the rest of us need to pay the cruel quarantine fee of EUR1,400 PER PERSON to take a break from this nonsensical island.

Considering, again, that the vaxxed are no better off than the rest of us at dealing with the pesky virus, I would like to know why legislation states that when two unvaxxed people are outside they are allowed to not wear a mask (only two mind you, meet up in three and your right to breath properly is restricted again) whilst anyone who is either unvaxxed OR in proximity of an unvaxxed person, is required to wear a face covering even outside. This was always a strategy planned to make the vaxxed ask the million euro question that is ‘Are you vaccinated?’

Given the type of billboard messages dotting the island and promoting vaccines, the fanaticism and pride of some of the vaxxed as well as the general mentality that there is an ‘us and them’ all make me come to the conclusion that with their mind games, misinformation and blatant disregard for humanity in decisions taken and speeches made, the Malta government and so-called Health Authorities have created a zombie movement much akin to a cult.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


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