• Gisèle Schembri

A Cat Living In The Moment!

In the last frenzied two weeks, during which I have been finalising my new book Amazonite, liaising with the printers, marketing it and talking to distributors, I had one almost constant distraction. My cat, Atleha, decided she wanted to be a part of it and her paws were all over my keyboard so that at times it took me twice or triple the time to do something because of her constant messing with what I would be editing, invoicing or emailing. Yet she still remains a constant in my daily Gratitude List.

Even as I write this, she is putting her paws into the cup with my soaking lentils, which were meant to go into my vegetable pot. Well, not any more apparently! She loves water, unless I spray her with it. She dips her paws into wherever she can find any. The day I soaked my son’s dusty lego castle she had such fun pulling out the little pieces whenever I wasn’t looking. The wet paw prints all over my corridor floor confirmed what she had just done.

In one of Amanda Rose’s books about the Law of Attraction and gratitude and positive vibrations, the author advises the reader to spend some time watching animals just being in the moment. When I first read the book, I had not yet gotten my little precious kitten, now almost fully grown. I YouTubed some animal videos and watched their antics on screen. That experience doesn’t even come close to the fun it is to watch a cat in action in real life though. From her expression when she saw my lioness softtoy and thought it was a real animal to how she once stole all the fish from my plate in a second even whilst I was sitting in front of it, she gives me so many hilarious moments that up my energy vibration instantly and make scooping up her dirty litter worth it!

So whilst I set about preparing next week’s deliveries, sending PayPal payment requests and handling all the orders and payments coming in online, I will put this entry on my blog together with some naughty pics of The Mostly White Cat.


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