• Gisèle Schembri

A Brief Overview of Using the Law of Attraction Deliberately - Receive!

In my previous articles about the Law of Attraction, we have Asked and Believed in whatever it is we want to have in our life. So now it is time to Receive our requested desires:

Whatever wish you put out to the Universe, it must boomerang back to you in its manifested form. Why? Because wishes, as I explained, are made automatically and all the time with much gusto as you will realise if you stop and feel the emotion you emit whilst desiring things and situations.

The problem, rather than with the asking, is with the believing enough to keep ourselves in a vibrational position to receive what we asked for. As I mentioned last time, asking for a car and then continually thinking of the hurdles to your getting it is going to keep you away from your feel-good emotions and worrying instead. Now imagine instead that you ‘just know’ that your car is coming! You aren’t sure when, or how, but you have a strong belief it will. In looking forward to its arrival you will instinctively act as though you own it already. You will narrow down your choices to the car you prefer, go to the showroom to check out whether it has enough leg room for you and maybe even test drive it. You will debate with your partner what colour you should get it in and maybe even browse for seat covers to ensure that you take good care of it when it arrives.

The trick here is to feel good about what is coming, without turning to any negative emotions in the process. So do refrain from pointing out to family and friends that the reason you want the new car is because of all the bad points of your old one. Mentioning that the window switch doesn’t work any more, that the seats are uncomfortable and that it has no power steering will most likely have you sending out signals of energy of frustration and that is counterproductive to the frequency you are wanting to emit. If instead you treat your old car lovingly and thank it for being so trustworthy and never letting you down, you are sending out a vibration of gratitude for what you have, which will ensure to bring you more items (and a better car in this case) to be grateful for.

So there you are, your three most simple steps to manifesting anything your heart desires. Many people put up vision boards of what they are trying to achieve, talk about it constantly and even day dream about it. These are all good things to do if they get you more into the desired energetic frequency that will pull whatever you want to you. However always ensure to check your feelings because sometimes they might also remind you of the lack of what you are looking to receive, in which case it is better to not think about your desire at all and just let it come when it is time, rather than fuel the resistance. As Abraham Hicks (The Teachings of Abraham ©) would say, "The only reason that you should think about it is because it makes you feel good to think about it." And let’s face it, why do you want to achieve your desire if not for the good feeling it will give you?

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.


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