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A Brief Overview of Using the Law of Attraction Deliberately - Do The Asking!

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

In my previous articles about the Law of Attraction, I have explained how this supreme law dictates that ‘like attracts like’ and also about how this happens through the attraction of similar energetic frequencies to each other. I also mentioned in the first article how by using the Law of Attraction one can live a life of their choosing rather than feel ‘destined’ to luck.

It is now time to turn to action and discuss how you can deliberately use the Law of Attraction to live your awesome best possible life.

It would take a whole book to go into the dynamics properly (incidentally one of the books I am currently writing) but an introduction to it can easily be explained in some basic steps.

Those of you who read the book The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne, know that she condenses the method of creation into steps which she calls Ask, Believe, Receive. This is too simplistic a view of how it all works so I will expand to explain some important basics that you must know in order to start practicing LoA in your life.

Today we will tackle the ‘Asking’ part of the equation, which is by far the simplest task, for it refers to our desires, which are most of the time born without our help. No one wakes up in the morning thinking ‘What shall I ask the Universe for?’ and yet throughout their waking hours every human constantly sends out wishes to the Universe through their emotions. Regardless of whether one believes in the LoA, they will still desire that better car, bigger house, latest book by a favourite author. Some things we ask for are big and usually we would believe they take time to get to, others are so small that our belief that they will be ours is no issue.

However, whether you are asking for big or small items and situations, you still ask. The one thing few people realise is that just as we use emotion (energy in motion, as per Eric Ho) to make our requests for things wanted, we also send out emotional frequencies whenever we are feeling negative about something and do not wish for it to be a part of our lives!

This is why we should always remember that big emotions are powerful whether they are positive or negative in nature. It is entirely implausible to decide to never think of anything bad, but it is always possible, now that you know of this complication, to try and minimise the amount of energy you give to anything negative that has either happened (sending out the emotion will bring more ‘like’ it) or which you fear happening. Fear comes from the mind and usually dictates what we believe too.

Next time we will be discussing the role of ‘Belief’ in the practice of intentionally manifesting our best life.

Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

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