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A Brief Overview of Using the Law of Attraction Deliberately - Believe!

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Last time I started to explain how to deliberately use the Law of Attraction through firstly doing the Asking of whatever we desire. The second step which will be discussed today will be that of Believing.

The ‘Believe’ step in the deliberate practice of LoA requires you to truly believe in the achievement of your desire. As I mentioned last time, fear unfortunately often holds the reins in our ego-driven mind and so dissuades us from having beliefs that give hope for something better than what is past. This in fact is the very reason why it is ‘easier’ to manifest something small than something big. The issue is neither the size nor the monetary value of an object but the amount of resistance we hold with regards to the subject.

I previously mentioned the desire for a new book. How difficult is that to achieve? As long as you have the required amount of money in your wallet to make the purchase, you can easily pop by a bookstore and get what you want. So usually the resistance to such a purchase would be negligible or non-existent. However, when we think of getting a new car, we will likely worry about not having enough money in our bank account to purchase it, or maybe even not feel up to taking out yet another loan to finance it. As you can see, I have introduced here new emotions of worry and uncertainty and these will give out their own energetic pulse just like your desire for the car, making the Universe feel that our current state is that of not being able to have it.

Since everything draws the same situations unto itself, so will the person wanting the new car now continue to experience the situation of ‘not having the car because it is out of his price range’. So this person will be much more successful in manifesting a car if they truly believed it could happen. In thinking of the amount of money they have in their bank accounts, they are not considering other avenues from where the money could come unexpectedly. You are probably shaking your head right now thinking ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees!’ It doesn’t literally grow on trees no, but LoA works to draw in anything required to turn your asking into reality, be it a promotion at work or an unexpected inheritance. It is so much fun to never know where money is coming from next, right? And once you know that come what may, your desire WILL come true, you are able to let it go. In other words, you will feel able to release all resistance and get into the emotion of having received your desire.

Which brings me to the third and final step according to the Rhonda Byrne method explained in The Secret - Receive.

Image by Deb W from Pixabay


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