• Gisèle Schembri

11/11 The Perfect Day For A Book Release

My new ebook is officially out as of today and the date was chosen by no coincidence. The 11th of November, or 11/11 as it is known throughout spiritual communities, is one of those special days in the year that are called 'portals' of energy and of access to the heavens, a day when wishes are made with the belief that they will most certainly come true. 11/11 also acts as a symbol of the unity of the Twin Flames, and the Twin Flames themselves are the very subject of my new ebook. So truly, I could never have chosen any other date on which to publish my book.

For those who are interested in my latest venture, this is a book that deals with a specific phenomenon in spirituality that is called Twin Flames but it serves to do more than just explain what they are. Rather it aims to help people who have identified themselves as Twin Flames on how to deal with the often excruciating journey. Here below is a synopsis for the book.

The Journey of The Twin Flames aims to explain not only what the Twin Flames actually are, but also the many steps on their journey. This short ebook covers the whole route from the initial euphoric ‘Bubble Phase’, on to the painful but revelatory ‘Separation Phases’ and ending with the much-desired ‘Union’. It explains all about Runner and Chaser Energy, why a twin might disappear from our life for months on end, as well as how to turn each situation with our Twin Flame into an opportunity for growth and happiness within.

Should you be interested in receiving your e-copy, simply send me an email on giseles84@gmail.com including your full name and your PayPal email address so that I may issue you with a PayPal invoice for EUR4. Your copy of the ebook will be sent upon receipt of payment.


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